Next meeting of the Parish Council  

The next meeting of the Parish Council

will be held on

Thursday 16th May 2019

at 7.30pm in the classroom at Waterperry Gardens 

All parishioners are warmly invited to attend the meeting 

The agenda can be downloaded here:Click here to download this file

PUBLIC OPEN SESSION - This will be held at the beginning of each meeting. A period of up to 5 minutes per topic will be allowed for members of the public, who are electors or residents in the parish of Waterperry with Thomley, to address the council primarily in respect of items on the agenda of this Parish Council meeting including planning applications, but also in the interests of wider public interest.

PLANNING SPECIFICYou can let the Parish Council know your views in writing and/or attend our meetings and have the opportunity to make a brief statement (approximately 3 minutes) during our public open session at the beginning of the meeting. This includes any applicants who wish to support their own applications or just want to hear what the Parish Council decides. Councillors only may ask further brief questions to clarify a point. Councillors who have a disclosable pecuniary interest in an application will leave the meeting table and not take part in the discussion. Supporters, objectors and applicants cannot take part in the discussion but their views will be considered carefully and it is important that we hear directly from you. The decision making process as far as the response is concerned remains that of the Parish Councillors. The Parish Council forwards observations and recommendations to the Planning Authority with whom the actual decision on an application rests. 


The minutes of previous Parish Council meetings may be downloaded here: 

The Chairman's Report for 2018 can be downloaded here: 


Code of Conduct

The members of the Parish Council are bound by a Code of Conduct, which was adopted on 20th June 2012 and is available for all parishioners to view 


Parish Council Finances 

Please click on the file name to download the relevant file:


Account 2018-2019 Budget 

2017 - 2018

Accounts 2017-2018 budget

Accounts 2017-2018 part 1 

Accounts 2017-2018 part 2

Asset register 2017-2018 

Analytical review for auditors 2017-2018 

Internal and external audit 2017-2018 

Exercise of Public Rights 2017-2018 

2016 - 2017 

Accounts 2016-2017 part 1                                           Accounts 2016-2017 part 2

Analytical review from auditors                                     External audit 2016-2017

Exercise of public rights 2016-2017                             Budget 2016-2017 

Internal Audit Report 2016-2017                                  Asset Register 2016-2017 

2015 - 2016

Accounts 2015/2016 part 1                                               Accounts 2015/2016 part 2 

Analytical review for auditors 2015/2016                        Asset register 2015/2016

Audit 2015/2016                                                                   Budget 2015/2016

Exercise of public rights 2015/2016

Internal audit report 2015/2016 


Parish Council Members and Contact Details

  • Clerk to the Council:

Adrian Cave (07717 069891)

  • Chairman of the Council:

Sue Parker (01844 338406)

  • Councillors:

Daryl Atkinson (01844 338225)

Lawrence Wootten (07808 761710)

Dean Fonge (07786 807343)

Royston Davis (07887 538326)